Visit Tortosa

The important connection between river Ebro and Mediterranean Sea made Tortosa become a multicultural and maritime confluence city for a large part of its history. The amount of river trade and the existence of the only stable bridge between Zaragoza and the sea, made our city an important hub in both maritime and fluvial trade as well as on inland commerce, which determined its history.

Tortosa has an important historical and artistic heritage, it is considered a city with more than 2000 years of history. Therefore, from Lo Sirgador we want to make some recommendations about different emblematic places of the city that you can visit right after you make our route.

  • Castell de la Suda

La Zuda Castle

La Zuda Castle was built in the 10th century and is located in the ancient Roman acropolis. Since the time of Jaime I (14th century) was used as a royal residence. This fortification, now restored, is currently an hotel, Parador de Turismo del castillo de la Zuda.

  • Catedral de Tortosa

The Cathedral

In the place where the Roman Forum, the Visigoth, the muslim mosque and the Romanesque cathedral were located, we currently can find the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Tortosa. It is characterized by a mixture of styles, predominantly Gothic. Its first stone was placed in 1347 in its new place. In 1757, the work was interrupted and for this reason, the main façade of neoclassical style, still remains unfinished.

It worths its visit the permanent Museum and La Cinta Chapel, this one of barroc style.

  • Reials Co·legis Tortosa

Royal Colleges

The Royal Colleges, considered the jewel of the Renaissance, are one of the finest architectural ensembles of the Catalan Renaissance period.

They were founded by Charles V in order to convert the Moriscos to Christianity. The ensemble of the Royal Colleges is made up of three buildings: The Church of Sant Domènec, the College of Sant Jaume and Sant Maties and the College of Sant Jordi and Sant Domènec.

  • Llotja de tortosa

La Llotja

The Medieval Market building (La Llotja ) is another unique building to be mentioned in our city. Since 1933 it is located in the Teodoro González Park, but its origins date back to the 14thcentury. The building was originally used for commercial activities, among which it served as a cargo warehouse and storage of wheat and shelter for goods. It was located on the river façade, between Carrer Llotja and Calle del Pes de la Palla, next to the shipyards and the new market. It is divided into two naves and is open to the exterior by three of its sides with large pointed arches.

  • Mercat de Tortosa

Mercat Municipal

We will highlight three important buildings inside Catalan modernism style: the Municipal market, the old slaughterhouse and the “Casa Grego” building.

The Municipal market, built by the architect John Abril i Guanyabéns between 1886 and 1887, has a total of 2650 square meters. Its current state is a reconstruction that took place after the Civil war, but lost part of its charm because, in its day, the market had a crowning with traceried and murals of tesserae, allegorical to trade, in the main façade. It stands out for its ceiling, formed by forged iron-shaped structures, work of Abril i Guanyabéns, which has been known thanks to the discovery of floorplans recently appeared in the regional archive of Terres de L’Ebre.

  • Escorxador Tortosa

The old Slaughterhouse

The old Slaughterhouse was built on a piece of land gained to the river by the architect Pau Monguió between 1906 and 1908, with a structure of pavilions where open and closed spaces are combined. Currently this emblematic building houses the , historic and archeological Museum of Tortosa and Terres de L’Ebre that hosts several pieces of the municipal collection, from the Iberians to modernity. It’s also the house for the Tortosa Tourist Office.

  • Casa grego

Casa Grego

The Casa Grego is located in the Plaza de la Cinta and was built between 1907 and 1908 by the architect Pau Monguió. It stands out, above all, its façade, just in front of the Cathedral