Lo Sirgador offers since July 2016 river cruises to travel agencies with a replica of an ancient boat, a “llagut”. A ship like those that in hundreds sailed the Ebro River until the 60s of the last century. With it we discover the inland Ebro with a very attractive and different activity. We want to recover the Ebro as a sign of identity for Tortosa, which owes its historical and economic importance to its strategic location on the banks of this great river.

With capacity for 53 passengers, we offer all types of cruises along the Ebro from the mouth to Miravet, in the form of regular services and also on demand.


Regular guided 60 minutes cruises

The most frequent activity of Lo Sirgador is the guided tours of an hour of duration along the Ebro river as it passes through Tortosa and its neighborhoods. During this journey, you will enjoy the fluvial and historical facade of the city, as well as the riverbank forest near the island of the Xiquina river above. The explanations of the guide on the history of the city and its economic, cultural and gastronomic links with the river Ebro, the history of the old sailors who pierced the river helped by the Sirga path, as well as the links of all kinds originated by the fluvial communication with other riverside regions are highly valued by our users, and the 2018 Certificate of Excellence granted by the tripadvisor platform so credited. Special emphasis is also placed on the importance and ecological richness of the Ebro River, its fauna and flora and its fundamental contribution to the ecosystem of the Ebro Delta.

Didactic tours

For students  and groups of children and youth in general. We offer various formats adapted to the ages and needs of each case. From more participatory workshops for children to cruises with didactic dossiers related to the river, fauna, history, etc …

Whether schools, colleges, colonial houses, sports groups in the Terres de l’Ebre, the provinces of Tarragona, Castellón, Teruel or even Barcelona, Lleida or Valencia, we can organize an attractive trip on the river Ebro and other complementary activities and collective transports to enjoy a full day.