Weddings and celebrations on board

We organize your wedding with all the details. The Sirgador is ideal for anniversaries, farewells, celebrations and small-format weddings.

With a capacity for 53 passengers, we can adapt and decorate the space on board to celebrate an unforgettable day sailing on the Ebro river on board the ship.

We offer you other services like live music of various styles. catering and drinks, photographer, and we even can help you find the right person to celebrate the ceremony.

 Additional services for your exclusive celebration:

Customised Trip
Professional Decoration
Live Music, various styles
Catering service and drinks
Transport to and from the accommodation
Accommodation advice
Wedding banquet organization for satisfying your preferences
Local and legal formalities to find a wedding officiant

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Customised trip

We are based in Tortosa. However we adapt the route and the departure and destination points to your needs. You can celebrate your wedding on board arriving or departing with the boat from any town on the banks of the Ebro between its estuary and Miravet. The piers of Deltebre, Sant Jaume. Amposta, La Aldea, Campredó, Bitem, Xerta, Tivenys or Benifallet are possible mooring points. We thus cover the regions of Baix Ebre, Montsià and Ribera d’Ebre. We search the best location to celebrate the ceremony in an unforgettable part of the Ebro River, surrounded by water and nature. If you wish to organize your celebration in the Lands of the Ebro, or in the south of Tarragona, we can assure you that with this option neither you, the couple, nor your guests will forget this wonderful day.

Live music on board

A good musical background is indispensable in any celebration. Listening to live music while slowly navigating the gentle waters of the Ebro is a fantastic experience that we must recommend. Several collaborating artists, of very different styles, have delighted us on board with their interpretations. For our part, we will help you find the one that best suits your tastes and, of course, your budget. We frequently celebrate concerts on board while sailing for the general public. Check our schedule and you will be surprised if you attend any of them. Of course, if your prefer it, you can bring your own selection of music and plug it in on board.

Traditional music, pop music, tangos, boleros and ballads, jazz, bossa nova, habaneras; multitude of styles to choose and enjoy.

Catering services and drinks

There can not be a party without a gastronomic ritual. Due to the size of our boat we do not advise to hold the wedding party on board. However, we have the right infrastructure and experience to serve excellent catering and beverage services on board during the trip. A toast after the ceremony sailing the Ebro is essential to culminate such a special day. Tell us your needs and we ourselves or our professional collaborators will take care of everything.


And of course, to eternalize the ceremony and celebration nothing better than excellent photographs. Of course, you are not obliged to contract this or any of these additional services with us, but at Lo Sirgador we will always be willing to help you.


Depending on where couple and guests are staying, they may require additional road transport services. Also the point of departure and / or arrival of the chosen route may make it necessary to transfer to the accommodation, or the banquet if there is one. Once again we offer our collaboration as we know and collaborate with various professionals in the area.


If you are looking for the greatest enjoyment and comfort for your guests, you may want to suggest or invite them to an accommodation in the area. Our experience is a point in their favor. Consult us and we will advise you.

Wedding banquet

Again we offer to suggest different locations and specialized restaurants for your wedding banquet in Tortosa or in the Lands of the Ebro. All depending on your tastes, your demands and your budget.

Legal formalities

If you are not from the area, it is probably very uncomfortable for you to travel for the necessary administrative procedures to hold a civil wedding. Do not worry, we can arrange to contact the corresponding city council, inform you of the necessary documentation and present it on your behalf, as well as contact the appropriate and authorized person to officiate such an important ceremony.