Terres de l’Ebre Gastronomy

The three basic pillars of our cuisine are rice, olive oil and wine, some of the most valued products of the Ebre gastronomy.


Rice is what gives shape to the landscape of Terres de L’ebre, where land, water, people, and landscape meet to create such a characteristic environment, making impossible not to be entangled while looking at it. In May you can enjoy the flood and planting of the rice fields in the Delta contemplanting the birds that live in this ecosystem. In June, the fields are ready to plant the rice, a task that has also become an experience for people around the world through festivities such as the planting of rice or “Festa de la plantada” which is carried out in Deltebre or in Amposta
In July, festivals like Deltebre Dansa (international dance festival) coincide with the moments of weeding rice fields while walking through the mud. A cultural, physical and unparalleled exercise. But the best of the rice awaits in September, when the mowing time arrives and the rice is harvested to go straight to the dishes of our kitchens.
Rice has become a valued product thanks to the contribution of chefs from restaurants such as l’antic Molí or Les Moles in Ulldecona andVilla Retiro in Xerta (all of them with Michelin stars) who have helped rice to become a pleasure for the most demanding palates, as has happened with the olive oil. Not to forget many other restaurants with a big cooking quality and tradition in the whole Ebro Delta, Sant carles de la Ràpita, Les cases d’Alcanar, l’Ampolla or l’Ametlla de Mar. Also in Tortosa you can enjoy traditional catalan cuisine and the most modern one in many places.

Olive oil

I al igual que amb l’arròs ha passat amb l’oli.

in our land you can find the best olive trees of the Mediterranean, the result of a culture of millenarian cultivation that demonstrates the patience and perseverance of their harvesters over the years. Its fruit are also the basis of our gastronomy and unite the lands with the intense, warm and true flavors.

And it is that the value of this liquid gold that the Roman culture already exported, still is the motive of many touristic initiatives in the area, like the visits to the old oil mills, the interpretation Centers of the olive oil and the olive, the olive oil tastings… In short, everything that today could be fit under the name of Oleotourism.

This olive oil tourism was born just after seeing that the wine tourism had a great acceptance in our land…


This is the third of the most highly valued products and almost all their weight lies in the area of Terra Alta, where the vines flood the colorful landscapes and shape their particular orography.

An unforgettable experince is wine tasting at the wineries or the old modernist architecture cooperatives, like Catedral del vi in Pinell de Brai or the Celler cooperatiu of Gandesa. this product, also of ancestral origins, gives a more quality seal in our territory.

From Lo Sirgador, as it cannot be otherwise, we join the gastronomic promotion through different river trips that allow you to taste different typical products of the Ebro lands, wine tasting or even pairings wine and cava.