Drink and snacks on river Ebro (90 minutes cruise)

90 minutes vermouth cruise

Duration: 90 minutes
Distance traveled: 14.5 Km
Path: River facade, Chiquina Island (Jesus) and Bulls Island (Vinallop)

Activity includes:
– River navigation
– Guide explanations
– Drink: vermouth, beer or soft drinks
– Snacks: Chips, fuet, olives, canned mussles

Adults: € 17,50
Children up to 12 years: € 8 (€ 7 from 2 children)
Children up to 4 years: € 5
Babies and their stroller: free
Pets: free

Regular hours:
Sundays and holidays at midday (Consult)


Times may vary depending on the time of year and other scheduled activities. Check calendar or call to confirm departures.


What will we see?

– Upstream
State Bridge
Monument Battle of the Ebro
Historical river facade (Episcopal Palace + Cathedral + Zuda Castle)
Xiquina Island and Riverbank Forest

– Downstream
Red Bridge or the Greenroute Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Riverside forest
Island of the Bulls

– Wildlife

We can see the fauna of the Ebro river, many water birds and other birds. Royal and imperial herons, water cocks or chicken coops, white egrets and “martinets” are common, as well as kingfishers. Depending on the time of the year, we will also see cormorants, ospreys and aquatic turtles or Galapagos.

What will we explain to you?

During the trip, the guide will explain the history of the “llaguts”, traditional boats that crossed the Ebro to hundreds until the mid-twentieth century manned by “the sirgadors” and helped by the “Way of Sirga”.
You will also know the history of Tortosa, a bi-millenary city, and the importance of river transport in its economic splendor.
The various historical buildings visible from the river will serve as a link for the narration. Different anecdotes will help us to make this tourist cruise more enjoyable and fun.

Combinable activity with other products (consult)