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Accompanied by pianist María Poyatos, Frans Cuspinera plays the songs of his first album ‘Garoina’ (Picap), on board the Sirgador. One of the last concerts of a tour that has surpassed 60 concerts and that has visited cities like Madrid, Andorra, Zaragoza, Vigo, Mallorca, Almeria and Valencia.

A very special and intimate concert, in a duo format where disc themes will be heard and some very special versions, while we are sailing surrounded by nature along the Ebro River

‘Garoina’ is the first disc of the garriguense singer Frans Cuspinera, with whom he has won the Carles Sabater Prize for the best song in Catalan of the year. Similarly, the video ‘I am from a landscape’, has had more than 50000 reproductions on YouTube and has been awarded in 3 festivals, https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = Nn1bbxEH_zQ

Frans Cuspinera has been one of the singers who has honored the maestro José Cannes on the album ‘El Hombre de la Guitarra. Tribute to José Cannes’ (Picap), singing his famous Habanera ‘Marinero de Tierra adentro’. A record that came out with the ARA Newspaper

Garoina, which has already been performed in theaters such as Luz de Gas, El Tío Jack, Harlem or Tradicionarius (CAT), and festivals such as Barnasants, Culturefest la Brava, Ciclo En el Patio or Acróbatas Festival, It is a tribute to the Empordà, to our coasts, to the humble and strong houses that endure the clutter of the damp cold in winter, to the barges that hold busy fishermen who always have some wise comment on any of the issues that you throw to conversation

But he also talks about us and our relationships, always subject to hurry and the silences that sometimes hurt, sometimes save us from the painful truth.

From the first moments of the concert, the spectators are invited to undertake a journey, emotional and physical, landscaped and sonorous, for various musical styles that mix in an interesting and original way, combining author’s music, folk, fado, Mediterranean music and ‘world music’, through a voice that, with delicacy and definition, draws interesting ethnic, Arab and Flemish nuances. A voice that is always warm, sweet, sharp.

The union of the voice of Frans with the piano of María Poyatos (pianist and musicologist, titled with the highest qualifications by the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, ​​the Higher School of Music of Catalonia and the International University of Andalusia), constitute a direct care, retailer, shocking and unique.